Client Testimonials

“I walked in as a broken person just getting over breakdown. From the first day, I could already feel the difference in myself. Today I am walking out a different person. I am who I am and I like her! I am grateful to Bianca for this. And I know going forward, I am going to be absolutely awesome.”

D. Beenhakker

“It has been life changing – Bianca helped me achieve a greater awareness of my higher self. I now have the tools to go forward and create the future that I want. My new positive outlook is so much more enlightened and has given me the confidence to become the person I want to be. I used to be really hard on myself often taking my frustration and anger out on those close to me and I would screw things up. Now, it is almost like I can step out of myself and assess a situation before responding to it with ego. Thank you!”

C. Midlane

“As soon as I met Bianca, we clicked. Bianca is down to earth and relatable. She is the perfect balance of fun and professional. I, now accept and love who I am. I am still discovering me but doing it happily and confidently. Bianca has given me amazing tools and food for thought. She is passionate about what she does and is always available for simple guidance or deep meaningful conversations”

R. Nel

“After five failed IVF attempts in one year, I was emotionally and physically drained. More importantly, the guilt and hurt really got to me – I was going along a downward spiral. This is when my friend recommended B Transformed to me – it changed her life forever. I had nothing to lose so with an open mind and ten weeks later I transformed into a brand new me…a woman that was free from the hurt and guilt. A woman that has confidence to change her internal and external world. Thank you Bianca for giving ME back.”

K. Fung

“Since my Btransformed journey has started, I have been unable to stop growing and changing. I went to see Bianca when I was at my lowest of low, out of a job, depressed and completely pessimistic of myself, my abilities and the world at large and slowly but surely this started to change. Bianca guided me to step in my power as woman, to realise my worth and to realise the potential, power and beauty that I hold within myself. As By connecting to my womb, the core of my being as a woman, Bianca helped me to realise that there is no external force in the world that can change my situation but that i would have to really go deep inside myself, connect to the creation centre of my body and start to heal all the trauma stuck in my Body, being stored in my womb. This transformation and healing process changed my life to say the least. I feel like a completely different person, but also not really, It feels like I have reconnected to my true self and finally met up with the essence of who I am. Living my truth and being committed to my essence of being has caused everything else in my life to shift into place, my dreams and goals are materialising before my eyes and to be honest I am still in awe and disbelief. Bianca, I really cannot thank you enough for the beautiful and sacred space that you hold for others, your gentleness, your power and your guidance. You have truly helped me to change my life.”

N. Oosthuizen

“This has been one of the toughest journeys but the absolute best thing I could have done for myself. It has been the rebirth of me – I feel inspired and cannot wait to take on the world. I feel unstoppable. I would have never been able to do this without you, you have honestly changed my life. Thank you will never be enough.”

M. Thom

“I would like to express my gratitude to Bianca for facilitating the incredible journey back to a me that I lost many, many years ago. The process that she so lovingly guided me through was truly transforming. I feel alive again in a way that I haven’t for a long time.  Thank you for helping me to release what was no longer serving me so that I can once more, enjoy the power and the beauty that exists within me.”

J. Barron

“Feeling lost, unhappy, alone, not good enough, doubting my purpose and who I am, was the worst feeling – fighting through worry, being anxious each day became my life. My sessions with Bianca has given me, my life back, made me see who I really am.  This has been the best decision I have made for me. It has empowered me to be the best version of me, to love my life, to love my girls, be present with them in the moment and enjoy them fully. I feel alive, relaxed and happy”

L. Tymvious

“I was apprehensive at first due to my analytical mind-set and my need to rationalise everything but through the sessions I have changed my perspective on my self-worth, my confidence and my own power. I have let go of a lot of my fixed mind-set and delusions. I want to live!”

L. Goverder