Self Esteem & Self Confidence

“In a society that profits from self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act” – Rachel Brathen

We are so busy trying to get ahead in the daily rat race we find ourselves in and often neglect ourselves.  We forget who we truly are; we allow the noise of the outside world to poison our perception of ourselves. We allow the opinions of others to affect who we are, because we are scared of being judged by others for “being different”. We live in a society where we feel like we constantly need to seek the approval of others and eventually lose faith in ourselves and our abilities. We follow the masses because we are scared of going against the grain.  It causes us to doubt ourselves, worrying if we are good enough or if we will ever be good enough.  Self-doubt breeds anxiety and depression.  Lack of confidence affects our abilities to make decisions. Not feeling accepted by the people in your life can leave you craving unhealthy forms of attention.   Self-love is often seen as an act of arrogance, being vain or being self-indulgent.

The way your brain is wired is not permanent, you can retrain your thoughts to be healthy and supportive. Self- esteem is a result of what we process internally about ourselves. Start to quite the negative voice that questions every decision you make.  The issues we dealing with , it is only an outer result of effect of an inner thought pattern.  You can restructure the unhealthy dialog that causes negative moods and behaviours.

Imagine walking into a room, not worrying about what people are saying about you, not comparing yourself to anyone, but accepting yourself with a deep compassion and appreciation.  Allow yourself to be authentically true to you.  I can provide you with the principles that will change your life not only on the conscious level but also on a level of unconscious behavioural patterns.   Providing you with the right tools, you will be able to manage stress and setbacks more effectively and you will become more resilient.  You will be able to give yourself the confidence you deserve.  Allow yourself to see YOU as the strong, confident person you are meant to be.  Accept your past and respect yourself for who you are.  You can change how you feel about yourself regardless of the environment you are in.

Gain insight and see beyond your state of mind.  Change your mind set, change your thoughts and change your life.  Cultivate confidence by challenging the common obstacles. Develop a much deeper understanding of what it means to be your true self and express that confidently.

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