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Love is truly a verb and one of the most amazing experiences we can ever hope to share with another human being.

We all deserve to have  healthy relationships with our partners, kids, family and friends but often we don’t realise that their attitude can be a reflection of our own and that we are projecting our own fears and doubts onto them making it hard to maintain the a relationship we truly deserve.

Just like life, relationships are always evolving and finding the perfect balance can be very tricky.

How often do you keep quite to “keep the peace”? Not expressing your emotions or voicing you opinion builds frustration. Having an emotional melt down or that holding onto hurtful words can be damaging to yourself and your relationship, creating drama or even a barrier between you and your loved ones.

As you know a relationship is an overwhelming feeling of joy and stress under one roof, and can come with traits such a criticism, jealousy, lack of patience, lack of loyalty and the need to always be right can add unwanted stress. The relationship you have with others is highly influenced by the relationships you have with yourself.

Most problems in a relationship exist within ourselves and when faced with a lifestyle change most of us try to focus on the change upon our spouse rather than conforming ourselves in this new change.

First you desire a healthy relationship and then you work towards it. I will give you the tools to dig deep into your own being and to gain clarity about your relationship with yourself and others and where you want to be.  Together, we will eliminate the baggage and the grey areas in your relationship as we look at how you can easily create and maintain a strong and long lasting relationship that will work for you.

Create your own happy ending and give your relationship and yourself the attention you deserve.

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