Inner Freedom

‘’Whatever the mind can conceive and believe – it can be achieved” – Napoleon Hill

Free yourself from the heaviness and the constant tug of war happening inside your head.  So many of us constantly have these conversations with ourselves,  doubting ourselves and our abilities. Worrying about things that haven’t even happened and creating “a plan of actions” for “possible life scenarios”. All the self-talk and self-doubt can be absolutely exhausting and a waste of energy. Energy you should be using on more constructive things like creating the life you have dreamt of living.

Your brain is the organ that utilises the mind which consists of a conscious mind (5% of the mind) and subconscious mind (95% of the mind).  Your subconscious mind stores all your memories, emotions, beliefs, habits and behaviours. Understanding the mind and learning how it really works is an extraordinary advantage. Your mind is pure energy and your subconscious mind can empower you or it can sabotage you.

The brain is not hard-wired and we can actually see which part of the brain is involved in which function, thanks to new technology and modern science. The brain is constantly creating new neutral pathways, new connections and retracting the old ones.  Studies show that thoughts are real; it’s a material thing, made of energy.  Your thoughts are the highest vibrating energy ever measured by science and that is why they say your thoughts create your reality!

Law of Cause & Effect

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Take responsibility for your life:

  • Your actions
  • Words
  • Decisions Circumstances
  • Results

Always the poor victim

Don’t take responsibility, they complain, ustify and Blame:

  • God /Devil
  • Politics
  • Parents/ childhood /Teachers
  • Money
  • Addiction /Depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Blame everything outside of them

This universal law is very important to understand when you want to take control of your life and your thoughts.  Nothing happens by chance.  You create your own reality.

Start taking responsibility for your life! Live the life you deserve and get rid of any negative beliefs that are stopping you from your greatness.  Free yourself from all your negative and limiting self-talk.

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