Anger Management Therapy Edenvale

Anger Management

“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger’’ – Buddha

Does your anger cast a negative feeling for those around you causing damage to your relationships? Lashing out at your loved ones creates trust barriers making it difficult for you to communicate openly with each other. Anger issues can cause unwanted stress, leading to frustration, irritation, lack of patience and it can make you feel overwhelmed and negative. It is a limiting and damaging emotion that can cause harm to yourself and others. Excessive anger outburst also has a negative effect on your physical well being causing high blood pressure, headaches, migraines, chest pains and further long term complications to your health. It also affects your everyday life, such as your relationships and career, making it difficult to focus on important tasks/projects causing you to lose sight of your goals.

Anger management therapy will help you gain insight into understanding your anger, making it easy for you to control your anger and not to be controlled by your anger.  I use techniques that will help you take a logical and very compassionate approach to your anger, alleviating the negative effects it has in your life.  I will guide you into understanding your rage and assist you in eliminating the thoughts and emotions that influence your behaviour and your relationships with colleges, friends and family.

Take action, gain a better understanding of yourself, eliminate your triggers and improve your relationships by regaining the trust.  Bring peace and calmness back into your life.

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Anger Management Therapy Edenvale
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