About Me

Hi, my name is Bianca, founder of B Transformed (Pty) Ltd – Your Transformational Life Coach, Mind Coach, Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

Where it all started…

I grew up in a loving home, always surrounded by love and laughter. Our parents always supported and encouraged us in everything we did.  When I was a child everything seemed uncomplicated but as years passed by, life naturally became more complex. Relationships developed that created my insecurities, social expectations were making it hard for me to stay true to who I really was.

I got engaged at the age of 21 and eventually married after a 7 year engagement. We bought a house; I completed my studies and soon thereafter tried to start a family.  To everyone around me it seemed like I had it all, the “perfect life”…

I was oblivious to what was happening in my own life, I allowed myself to float through life on autopilot. I didn’t realise the extent of the damage until many years later.

My life was flooded with anger, stress and tension. The worst of all was that I was so busy conforming to the “normalities” of life that had no idea why I felt the way I did. I completely neglected the most important person in my existence…ME.

I was proud of myself for everything I had achieved in life but there was an emptiness inside of me. I always felt like there was more to life. I felt like I was constantly trying to prove my worth to people who had already forgotten my value. I wanted to feel like I matter. Things needed to change.

After another tedious day at work, I stopped in my drive way and asked myself: “Is this it? Is this my life? Is my life just a never ending routine?”  This question would set the tone for the next phase of my life.

After I completed my studies, wishing and praying for guidance, I finally had more time on my hands to do the things I enjoy most. Meditation, yoga and reading led me to buy the first of many self-help books and embark on a journey of soul searching. I wanted to connect with the person I once was and at the same time wanted to re-invent myself.

I started peeling away years of social conditioning – the influence of our parents, families, teachers, religion, and society. Conditioning that left me feeling lost, anxious and overwhelmed.

The pressure of my studies, establishing my career and “playing house” was causing me to lose sight of who I was as an individual. Who I was as a woman. My everyday life kept me feeling like I needed to do the “right thing”- stay in a job I wasn’t happy in and staying in a relationship that was no longer fulfilling. My life consisted of making it work. Trying to be perfect and keeping everyone else happy became my priority. I was so focused on not “rocking the boat” that I completely forgot who I was.

I wasn’t happy and what I wanted from life wasn’t something that money could buy.  The thing that was missing from my life, the thing that my soul was yearning for was PURPOSE.

As the universe works, it took a very scary and traumatic event for me to realise that things needed to be changed once and for all. This led me to the realisation that I wasn’t living my dream but rather someone else’s.  In the midst of all the chaos and exhaustion I experienced an awakening. A moment where, for the first time in my life, everything made absolute sense.  The shock and fear brought on by this traumatic experience caused me to snap out of my denial and see past the charade that was my life.

For once I had to be brave for myself, take a lead of faith. I had to let go of the negative emotions that were holding me back from the life I wanted to live.  I had to dig deep to find the courage I forgot I had within me and do everything in my power to change my situation. I started focusing on my personal growth and regained focus on the dream I once had for myself.

In this moment I knew I had to make one of the most difficult decisions in my life to date.

It was one that would change my life forever, it haunted me day in and day out but I eventually terminated a lonely, unhappy marriage that no longer had my best interests at heart and not long after, quitting my unsatisfying career as an accountant and buying a one-way ticket to Bali.

The decisions were by no means easy, living through two of the most stressful events a person can go through, took a huge toll on me, to say the least. At this stage I was emotionally overwhelmed and steadfast in my decision to discard the opinions and judgement of others.  I was overcome with shame and guilt for putting myself first.  I was riddled with fear, the fear of the unknown. I would not allow those emotions to control me.

I stayed focused on the positive intention that I had set for myself.  I soon realised that I had to stop resisting the change and embrace the journey, the journey that would unlock my passion and help me find my PURPOSE.

My Journey

I see myself as a strong and fearless woman, embodying my purpose in life. I AM my purpose and my soul’s purpose is to guide you.

But I wasn’t always this fearless. I’ve had to shed a lot of skin – I’ve had to strip myself of years of conditioning. I made a conscious decision to be raw and real with myself.

Life Coaching has taught me to be fearless in my pursuit of following my dreams. It took a lot of self-reflection & work to accept and love myself and I mean TRULY love and accept myself. As this calling of self-discovery continued, I started to get a sense of my soul’s purpose. The deeper I delved into myself, the deeper I could connect with my essence. I now know that honouring who I was created to be, made me braver that I could ever imagine. I also learnt that things don’t always happen when I am ready, things happen when I am willing to look beyond my conditioning and allow myself to be brave. I became unstoppable when I started to value my inner voice/my intuition enough to guide me on the path of true happiness.

In fact, it all started when I decided I joined my first women’s retreat as a collaborator. It was completely out of my comfort zone.  I felt scared but more intrigued than anything else. I talked myself out of it more times than I talked myself into doing it but I forced myself to be brave and just follow my intuition. It was that courageous decision to listen to my inner voice that changed my life forever. A memory that fills my heart with immense gratitude. It was a start to such a magical journey of just absolutely honouring my power as a woman, my individuality and my purpose in this world. It was then that I realised the importance of the power of the collective – a sister circle. I was surrounded by women who were like minded and ready to reclaim their power in this world. A community of women willing to carry, uplift and support their sisters. In a beautiful scared space where I felt safe to unravel, reflect and reconnect to who I was before the world got their hands on me. I experienced a radical shift of perspective. I reconnected with a part of myself I never knew existed. A creative being and a sacred space holder.

Since then it has become my mission to uplift and empower women to embody their truest, deepest, wildest self through a combination of powerful modalities. The world has changed and evolved. It’s the rise of The Divine feminine .  In every woman there is a wild natural creature. A powerful force with a strong intuition and passionate creativity. You have all the resources you could ever need within you. You are a creative being, gifted with the potential to create, resolve and evolve.  I cannot teach you anything you don’t already know about yourself. I am a space holder. I create a sacred space where I share different tools and techniques to guide you and connect you to your essence and remind you of how powerfully you were made. My purpose to remind you and guide you to a deep unshakable connection with yourself. Fact is, no-one will ever know you better than you. All the wisdom you could ever need to live the life of your dreams and to achieve all your desires already exists within you.  The time has come for you to embrace to your inner wisdom. Listen to your calling. Gain better understanding of your internal world and the energy that flows within.